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The finest fabrics, the best designs and the smartest solutions; these are the solid ingredients of every new New Looxs collection. As a family business, it's in our DNA. The attention to detail and the passionate craftsmanship of founder Wim Burgers are passed on from generation to generation with great pride.
Whether you go to work, do the shopping or go for a day of cycling, New Looxs makes a bag for every cyclist that is as stylish as it is practical. While the bags were still made by hand in the Netherlands in 1947, nowadays we work with international partners who meet our quality requirements and share our passion.
How an old trade lives on

The beginning: 1948

Post-war Netherlands picks up the threads of life again. The reconstruction is accompanied by a great deal of activity and offers small and leading entrepreneurs opportunities to practice their trade again. Wijchen, a town located at a stone’s throw from Nijmegen (NL) and bordering the tanners region in the province of North-Brabant, is no exception. That is where my grandad, Wim Burgers, started to make traditional leather articles in a small shed at the back of the house.

Only the best quality

With one sewing machine he made articles including tractor sails, muffs and bicycle bags. He was a skilled craftsman with an eye for detail and used only the best materials. The quality of his leather articles soon made him stand out from others and he saw his business grow. More sewing machines were purchased and the focus was directed entirely on bags for bicycles, and materials changed, but my grandad remained true to himself with Burgers Lederwaren: his trade, craftsmanship and, above all, love for the profession remained unchanged.

As a small girl

As a small girl I used to hang around the workshop and watch my grandad, and later also my dad, create something beautiful. How they, with the patience of saints, continued to work until all the details of a bag were right. I listened to my grandad’s stories about the company’s first years, which were not always easy, but in which he always continued to persevere in his pursuit of quality.

Third generation Burgers Lederwaren

Over the years, Burgers Lederwaren has expanded. I experienced at close hand how textile was introduced as an addition to leather products, how cooperation with other partners was sought and how the first steps across the border were taken. At the same time, I see that at the heart we are still the family business we used to be and I am proud of it. Together with my husband I am the third generation of Burgers to be at the helm of the company and we can say that we have moved with the times, but have maintained what my grandad believed in: quality, craftsmanship and passion for the trade.

New Looxs

Under the international label ‘New Looxs’ we are introducing a wide range of bicycle bags that combine the best of both worlds. The design is technically perfect, there is an eye for detail and it is fashionable too. Bags for easy transport of your personal belongings on the bike whilst enjoying in style all the rides your bike has to offer: functional, recreational and to work. We travel all over the world for the best fabrics and only cooperate with partners who can make the bags as we would make them ourselves. Because only then do they deserve the designation ‘Burgers Lederwaren’!

— Laura Burgers

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