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Cycling backpacks popular for commuting

Bicycle commuting is becoming more and more popular. In the Netherlands, but also in a less bicycle-crazy country like England. Every day, around 750,000 British people use their bicycles to get to and from work. About a quarter of all Dutch people and 10% of all Germans regularly cycle to work. A large part takes the laptop or tablet with them.

Do you also cycle to the office every day? Then you want to transport your work equipment comfortably and safely. The bicycle backpack is becoming more popular for this. View all bicycle backpacks from New Looxs here.

A backpack and bicycle bag in one

A bicycle backpack is a backpack that can easily be transformed into a single bicycle bag. In terms of appearance, these bags are not inferior to ‘normal’ backpacks. This makes them great to use as a work bag or school bag. What is special and especially functional about these bags is that they have hidden bicycle hooks. This means that you will not see the bicycle hooks if you use the bag as a backpack. With these hooks, the bags are easily clicked onto the luggage carrier. All New Looxs cycling backpacks have a special padded compartment for a laptop (varying from 15″ to 17″), a large main compartment and a practical layout with handy extra spaces. The wearing comfort has been well thought out, so that the backpack hangs comfortably on the back.

The benefits of a bicycle backpack

A bicycle backpack is multifunctional in use, because it functions as a bicycle bag during a bicycle ride, but once at its destination as a backpack. The bag can be hung on the luggage carrier and is the most secure way to transport things on the bike. Thanks to the reflection on the bags, you are also more visible. You can easily store the shoulder straps so that they don’t get caught between the spokes. All New Looxs bicycle backpacks have, among other things, a sturdy back and custom padded shoulder straps. The practicalities and the laptop compartment are very suitable as a backpack for commuting. Finally, the New Looxs bicycle backpacks have a modern design and beautiful finish and colours.

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