Frequently asked questions

On which bags do I find a Racktime adapter?

The following bags are supplied with Snapit adapter: </ p>

Mondi Double Racktime (329RT), </ p>

Sports double Racktime (079RT), </ p>

Avero Double Racktime (182RT), </ p>

Alba Double (292RT), </ p>

Sports Trunk Bag Racktime (074RT). </ p>

How do I attach a bag with Racktime carrier to my bike?

Confirm with a click, complete with one hand. </ p>

Which bags have adjustable Rixen & Kaul hooks

The following bags have diameter adjustable Rixen & Kaul hooks: </ p>

Varo Messenger, Leather bags, Vigo Single and Vigo Single large, Postino, Sports rear rider, low rider and Messenger. </ p>

Which bags have steel hooks?

The following bags have steel hooks:

001,330 Dailyshopper

008.330 Single bag

009,330 Single bag

How do I put the reinforcement plates in the bag?

The extra plates that New Looxs box with the bag provides are meant to give the bag extra strength.
By making the plate a little round in your hand, you can easily slide them into the bag.

How do I combine a child seat with a bicycle bag?

Most double panniers from New Looxs can be combined with a child seat. The bags then have to go further back on the luggage carrier and for this you need a luggage carrier extender. Then place a spacer in the 2 “troughs” so that the bag does not touch the rear wheel.

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