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What is a Racktime Snap-it adapter?

Snap-it is marketed by the German brand Racktime. It is a mounting system on a bicycle bag or basket, with which you can easily click it on the Racktime luggage carrier of your bicycle and take it off again. Handy if you regularly change bags or if you want to remove the bag from the bicycle when you put the bicycle on a bicycle carrier.

The advantage of this system is that the basket or bag is stable and therefore safe on the luggage carrier. With a double bicycle bag, this provides an extra stable attachment, so that the bag hangs neatly straight. You can protect your bag against theft by means of the Secure-it Snappit lock (this is available separately).

On which bags can I find a Racktime adapter?

Look here for the bags with a Racktime Snap-it adapter.

Avero Double Racktime | 182RT
Sports Double Racktime | 579RT
Sports Trunkbag Small Racktime | 571RT
Sports Trunkbag Racktime | 574RT
Odense Double Racktime | 224RT
Mondi Joy Double Ivy Racktime | 218RT
Nova Double Racktime | 527RT
Vigo Double Racktime | 515RT
Varo Double Racktime | 195RT
Varo Trunkbag Racktime | 193RT

How do I attach a bag with Racktime carrier to my bike?

How do I adjust a Racktime system?

The Snap-it mounting system is already pre-assembled on all our bags with Racktime. The Racktime Snap-it adapter is suitable for both narrow and wide bicycle carriers. Therefore, you may have to adjust it to make it fit your luggage carrier. You do this with a 12mm wrench.

Look at this instruction video:


What is an MIK fastening system?

MIK stands for “Mounting Is Key”. With this system, you can easily place a bicycle bag on your luggage carrier and remove it easily. The advantage of using MIK is that you can quickly and easily change bags.

A MIK system consists of two parts. The adapter plate under the bicycle bag and a luggage carrier with an integrated MIK profile. Don’t have a MIK luggage carrier on your bike? Then you can use a so-called carrier plate that you attach to your luggage carrier.

On which bags do I find an MIK system?

Look at the bags with a MIK system here.

Odense Double MIK | 224MIK
Mondi Joy Double Ivy MIK | 218MIK
Nova Double MIK | 527MIK
Sports Double MIK| 579MIK
Sports Trunkbag MIK | 574MIK
Varo Double MIK | 195MIK
Vigo Double MIK | 515MIK

More fastening systems

What is an Atran Velo System (AVS)?

Atran Velo System (AVS) is a click system in the bag with which you can quickly and easily attach and remove the bag from the Atran luggage carrier.
Bags with an AVS adapter are suitable for bicycles with an Atran Velo system carrier. You can also mount an AVS Newrack on your bicycle and thus make any luggage carrier suitable for a bicycle bag with an AVS system.
The advantage of this system is that the double bag is stable and therefore safe on the luggage carrier.

On which bags do I find an Atran Velo adapter?

Look here at the bags with an Atran Velo fasteningsystem.

Vigo Double Atran | 515AT

What is a New Looxs Detachable fastening system?

The New Looxs Detachable mounting system is a system that allows you to attach a plate to your luggage carrier with straps. Then you can easily attach a bag to it and fix it with simple rotary knobs.

The advantage of this system is that it fits on any luggage carrier and that the bag is easy to get on and off the bike.

Which bags have a New Looxs detachable fastening system?

Look here for the bags with a Detachable system.

Nova Double Detachable | 526
Avero Double Detachable | 218

What are Rixen & Kaul hooks?

R & K hooks are hooks from the brand Rixen & Kaul. You adjust the hooks with screws the first time to the width of your luggage carrier, so that you can easily click your pannier on your luggage carrier or take it off.

This way, the hooks can be perfectly adapted to your luggage carrier, suitable for a tube diameter of 6 to 16 millimeters. The extra locking between the hooks ensures that the bag cannot simply be pulled off the luggage carrier.

Which bags have adjustable R & K hooks?

Look here for the bags with R & K hooks.

Varo Messenger | 102
Cali Leather | 338
Fellini Leather | 337
Santos Leather | 334
Vigo Single | 510
Postino Nova | 044
Sports Rear Rider | 575
Sports Low Rider | 576

Which bags have steel hooks?

The following bags have steel hooks:

Single pannierbag 2 locks steel hooks | 009
Single pannierbag 1 lock steel hooks | 008
Daily Shopper | 001

Accessories and tools

How do I put the reinforcement plates in the bag?

The extra plates that New Looxs provides with the bag are meant to give the bag extra strength. By making the plate a little round in your hand, you can easily slide them into the bag.

Watch here how to prepare a single bicycle bag for use:

Watch here how to prepare a double bicycle bag for use:

How do I combine a child seat with a bicycle bag?

Most double panniers from New Looxs can be combined with a child seat. The bags then have to go further back on the luggage carrier and for this you need a luggage carrier extender. Then place a spacer in the 2 “troughs” so that the bag does not touch the rear wheel.

How do I make sure that my bicycle bag hangs straight?

spacer ensures that the bicycle bag hangs straight on the bike. Even when the bag is heavily loaded, this spacer keeps the bag in shape.

Can any double New Looxs bag be used with a spacer?

Almost all New Looxs double bags have a tunnel for a spacer. Exceptions are the following models: Fiori Double, Alba Double, Sports Double, Joli Double Blue Stripe, Avero Double, Origin Double, Basic Superior Maxi, Basic Superior Midi, Varo Double MIK and Racktime.

A spacer ensures that the pannier hangs straight on the bike. Even when the bag is heavily loaded, this spacer keeps the bag in shape.


Are all the New Looxs bags waterproof?

All bags from the Varo series are 100% waterproof. All other bags are water-resistant. That means that they can withstand a little rain. All bicycle bags can be made waterproof with a rain cover. Some bags come standard with a corresponding rain cover, but a rain cover for single bags or double bags are also available separately.

Which bicycle bags have a rain cover?

Look here for the bags with a raincover.

Tendo Forest | 357
Tendo Nomi | 357
Odense Backpack | 226
Sports Double MIK | 579
Sports Double Racktime | 579
Sports Double | 579
Sports Trunkbag MIK | 574
Sports Trunkbag Straps | 579
Sports Trunkbag Small Racktime | 571
Sports Trunkbag Racktime | 574
Sports Handlebar Bag | 572
Sports Low Rider | 576
Sports Rear Rider | 575
Vigo Handlebar Bag Klickfix | 511
Vigo Single | 510

Shapes and sizes

What sizes of laptop bags are available?

New Looxs has bicycle bags with laptop compartment for 15 ” and 17 ”laptops. Look here for the bicycle bags with a laptop compartment.

15” laptops:
Nomi Tendo | 357
Nova Postino | 044
Varo Messenger | 192
Varo Backpack | 191
Leather Santos | 334
Leather Cali | 338
Leather Fellini | 337
Odense Backpack | 226

17” laptop:
Nevada Backpack | 241

In which bags will fit shopping bag?

A shopping bag will fitt in each double bag from 37 liters or single bag from 18 liters.

What is the biggest single bag in the collection?

The biggest single bag is the Camella Nova and Camella Selo. These bags do both have a volume of 24,5 liters.

What is the biggest double bag in the collection?

The biggest double bags are the Canvas Camping and the Bisonyl Double Large with both a volume of 66 liters.


How do I attach a rattan basket to my front carrier?

You can attach a rotan basket with tie-wraps (cable binds).

Do the steel baskets fit on all the stems?

The New Looxs steel baskets are mounted on the stem. All steel baskets are supplied with matching mounting. Both the baskets with Smartlock and Rapidlock mounting are suitable for stems with a diameter of 21.1 to 25.4 mm. The Smartlock attachment up to 34mm diameter can be used for the a-Head stems.

What is the maximum weight that can be transported in the steel baskets?

All steel baskets have a maximum load capacity of 6 kg.


How do I clean my bicycle bag?

You can easily clean your bicycle bag with water, mild soap and a sponge. Then let them dry thoroughly in a ventilated area. If you don’t do this, you can get spit in the bag. Do not use aggressive detergent and never put the bag in the washing machine.

* This does not apply to leather bags.

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