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Bicycle backpacks

Are you familiar with bicycle backpacks? They’re just as beautiful and practical as normal backpacks, but can be transformed into a bicycle bag in no time. Do you like using a backpack for your things and spending a lot of time on your bike? A bicycle backpack is probably just the thing for you!

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From backpack to bicycle bag and vice versa

New Looxs’ bicycle backpacks are equipped with hidden hooks, making it easy to hang the bag on your carrier. The attachment hooks are hidden in a padded zip pocket. This makes it look like a normal backpack and the hooks do not bother you when you carry the bag on your back.

Bicycle backpacks are ideal for commuting

Bicycle backpacks are the perfect working bags. New Looxs’ cycle backpacks all have a special padded laptop compartment and many extra pockets. This makes the bags very well suited for commuting. The shoulder straps are padded and customizable. All backpacks come with a rain cover and the Varo Backpack is actually 100% waterproof by itself, so a rain shower won’t stop you!

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