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Panniers/Bicycle bags

New Looxs panniers come in all shapes and sizes. If you regularly take a lot of stuff with you on your bike, it is best to choose a double bicycle bag. These are available with straps, but also as a detachable bag with a Racktime or MIK adapter. If you also want to use the bag as a normal shoulder bag or as a shopper for groceries, for example, a single bicycle bag might suit you better.

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A wide range of trendy and practical panniers

Small bicycle bags, large double panniers, bicycle backpacks, laptop bags specially designed for cycling, leather office bags, sporty bicycle bags or bags for electric bikes. In addition, there is a wide choice of designs, prints and colours. There is a bicycle bag for everyone.

Waterproof panniers

A little rain shower doesn’t stop you from cycling? All New Looxs panniers are made of water-repellent material (with the exception of the leather bags). This means they can take a little drizzle. If you prefer a 100% waterproof bicycle bag, check out the Varo bicycle bags series or choose a bike bag with rain cover.

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