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Bicycle baskets

Looking for a sturdy bicycle basket for the front or back of your bike? New Looxs bicycle baskets combine style with functionality. There is something for everyone thanks to the wide range of types, sizes and materials.

Bicycle basket

A New Looxs bicycle basket on your bike is an easy way for transporting things quickly and easily. Depending on how much stuff you want to transport and how big your bike is, you can choose the size of your bike basket.

Bicycle basket on the front or back

New Looxs has bicycle baskets for both the front and the back of the bike, depending on what you like personally. A front bicycle basket fits on a front carrier or on the handlebar. This way, you always have your belongings in sight. New Looxs also has stable baskets for the back of the bike with various mounting systems, so you can always fit a basket to your bike.

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