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Single panniers

New Looxs’ single bags can be quickly attached to the bicycle with hooks or clicked on with an adapter. Removing the bag is just as easy. This way you can carry all your things with you quickly and easily every time!

Which single bag suits me?

With or without shoulder strap? Backpack or shopper? Mounting on the carrier or on the handlebar? There are quite a few different models to choose from.


Most New Looxs bags have our own New Looxs hooks. These will fit on almost all bicycles. If you have a sportier carrier with a thinner tube, the R&K hooks will do the job. They can be customized in diameter for any carrier tube.


Trunkbags are bags which can be mounted on top of the rear carrier. They can be attached very easily with a MIK or Racktime adapter, but they can also be fixed in place with Velcro straps.

Handlebar bags

New Looxs has various bags to attach to your handlebar. The transparent screen on top allows you to use your phone as navigation, which is very handy!

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