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Stronger through collaboration

New Looxs cooperates with well-known suppliers of fastening systems for their bicycle bags.

“Brands like Racktime and Klickfix are the absolute experts in fastening systems, and we’re proud to be able to equip the New Looxs panniers with these systems,” says Laura Burgers of New Burgers.

The collaboration has resulted in New Loox’s seven handlebar bags with Klickfix adapter plate in the collection.
These bags can be combined with the various Klickfix mounting systems.
The Vigo handlebar bag is completely new in this 7 Series. This is therefore now available with an adapter plate from Klickfix and also with the New Looxs Turnlock system. The Vigo handlebar bag has a spacious main compartment and many additional compartments. In addition, the handlebar bag has a transparent screen for use with the phone or tablet. This is useful for navigation while cycling. Thanks to the rain protection, the stuff of the cyclists remains dry in any case.
Handlebar bags are often sporty and look a bit more masculine. The Tosca Midi, on the other hand, is a handlebar bag with a feminine touch. This cheerful handbag can be easily attached to the handlebars. “Cyclists have their hands free with the Tosca Midi and at the same time all the essentials at hand. It is safe and practical and it drives beautifully and easily. This is useful if you want to get to the city quickly, “says Laura Burgers.

With a hand movement of the bicycle
In addition to the handlebar bags with Klickfix, New Looxs offers a wide selection of bicycle bags with Racktime Snapit adapters. More than 150 bike brands already have a rack with a Racktime Snapit system, which ensures that the bag is no longer attached with straps. Cyclists click the bag directly on the back and remove it with a wave of the hand.
“This system is very practical, but of course you would like a selection so that you have a bag that fits your style and taste. That’s why New Looxs already has fourteen pockets with a pre-assembled Snapit adapter in the collection. For example, there is the waterproof Varo boot bag for cyclists who survive wind and weather. This bag features a spacious main compartment with additional inner compartments and a handy helm attachment net. ”
For cyclists taking more luggage, New Looxs also offers Racktime double pockets, including the spacious Vigo double, available in two colors. These double pockets have a sporty hook closure and many additional compartments to take with you. The Alba Double in Folla leaf pattern is handy for every day. This bag is available in three fashionable colors and can be removed from the bike with one hand movement. All Racktime bags can be secured with the Secure-it lock. In this way, cyclists can leave their bags safely on the bike.

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